Heise’s work never fails to get me in a drawing mood.

45 Minutes – Elf Sketch 23 – Kryito: Say what?

I don’t draw Kryito anymore because I hate him. I somehow turned him into this smiling naive idiot and I can’t stand him…and if I can’t stand him, then there’s no way Lothar would put up with him. I actually wanted to draw him half transformed into a Oneiroi so maybe his coolness factor would return, but I’m happy with this new personally that came out instead. I blame the birds eye angle for the shape of the eyes (I would have never thought to draw him with this expression–it’s too OC for him) but hey, I like the new Kryito. I’m keeping him XD *OC Kryito kicks wimpy uke Kryito out*

Now that I think about, Kryito fits more in the World of Madness than he does in Akheron T___T

See, he doesn’t even have an icon!