[ Elf Sketch 33 – Idiot ]

I found Sevino’s abandoned floating head in my sketchbook from the seven deadly sins project and turned it into Lothar, who was not very pleased about that and made placing Sevino in with him a complete pain in the ass. It worked out in the end, not for Lothar but for Sevino XD There was a much bigger gap between them before I moved Sevino in closer so his arm could wrap across Lothar’s waist without him having monkey arms. It wasn’t until I was masking out the back of Lothar’s head that I noticed Sevino could’ve been whispering into his ear. I laughed much >3

I used about 10+ anatomical study sketches/clay/3D models on DA to build Sevino’s back and shoulder. The rest I just winged. I’m sure there’s a glaring obvious error in there somewhere. It’s times like this that I wish I took anatomical drawing, but my sanity thanks me for not having to memorize bones again.