Since this post is long, I’ll cut it for the people who watch my personal LJ too.

Erebos and Scry Prints
Another insainly long post art. Not sure what I’m gonna put up on my site/DA yet. I’ll be doing a digital version of Erebos though.

For my first plate, I took mini-demon Scry from Fur Sketch #9

Demon Scry #1
Just a black and white version with nothing special done to it. I saw how the spots where I rub were lighter and wanted to play with that.

Demon Scry #2
Which is how I ended up with this. Only problem is if you don’t rub really well, a lotta ink stays in those lines. Sometimes you get really cool speed lines, and in times like this, you get splotches.

Demon Scry #3
Playing with color. I wanted to make a colle with green tissue paper for the clouds but light paper (which air moves easily) isn’t best for colles–so I put the “clouds” in place on the plate, then when the magenta was rolled on top, it picked up the tissue paper as it went over it, leaving no ink under it. I was going for more of my old stuff with the colors but the magenta failed me, multiple times X__X

Demon Scry Plate
And here’s a photo of the plate. 6×8, etch in zinc.

Black ICE – Erebos
Erebos was done on three 9×12 plates but more about that later when I show the plate photos. But that also means he’s bigger than my scanner bed, so there’s about a half inch that gets cut off on both sides. I have more versions of this than I know what to do with >.>;;

Erebos BW
This is the finished black and white print. Just black ink rubbed into the plates. Here’s a crappy photo so you can see the whole thing.

Erebos Chine Colle
I was going for the green on top of black sci-fi look, and then I found that RFID lookin’ paper. Here’s a photo of the full print and here’s a detail photo. You can actually see the building outline through the paper XD I’d actually love to see how all three plates together would look on the black paper but not anytime soon ^^;;

And here’s when things start getting complicated. Technically stuff….I found this cool reflective RFID lookin’ paper in the book store so I decided to colle it over the cityscape *soul flies out* The RFID paper gets traced and cut put backwards to match the plates, then I put all eleven of them on top of the cityscape plate in the right spot *crosses fingers* and they’re sprayed with adhesive. Then, when I roll it through the press, the backs with the glue get stuck to my paper, and I switch the cityscape plate out with my Erebos plate and roll it through again…and hope everything lined up where I wanted it to. Yeah, only did that twice and my second one was totally misregistered.

Erebos – Aquatint/Spray Paint Test Plate
So I gave up on the colles and make a third plate. This is my background plate by itself. Ironically it’s one of my favorite prints. Technical stuff below…

I wanted a gradient in the background so I transfered Erebos and the city plates to plate #3, and etched it in the acid just enough to get an outline so I could see what I was doing. Next, I let the aquatint stuff float down on top of it (it makes a very fine speckled pattern. You can see most of it at the top), torched it so it wouldn’t blow off and blocked out all of Erebos and the city with hardground…aka anywhere erebos or the city was I painted out *falls over dead*. Once it was dry, I misted a spray paint over it to make the gradient. Every where I painted or the spray paint is stays smooth (notice how by Erebos’s feet it’s still white? That’s because I put the spray paint down too heavy there X__X)

Erebos – Primary Colors
(Photo) Now that I have three plates, I started putting a different color on each one, hoping they would blend. They didn’t ’cause I was putting too much oil in my ink but I didn’t figure that out until later

Erebos – Red, Yellow, Black
(Photo – ph33r my foot) Still adding too much oil. I started playing with the roller on my background plate to get an even distribution of color while still seeing the aquatint (remember on the aquatint test print how everything was white where Erebos and the city where?). The photo isn’t picking up the detail in the sky, but it did what I wanted ^__^

Erebos – Primary Colors (Blending!)
And so the last day of class I found out I was adding too much oil and that’s why my colors weren’t blending *head desk* I inked up the black plate and rubbed from the center out to get the gradient and my professor inked up the other two plates with a little monotyping.

Erebos – Color
(The scanner’s butchering this print -.-;;) So later that day I tried again with the primary colors. If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that red ink is utter hell to rub off and blue will just come right off >__< But the yellow and blue blended to get the neon green I've been after since the colle and the red didn't turn into mud like I was expecting. To get the halo around Erebos and the building at the top I rubbed more of the blue ink out there, like I did with Demon Scry #2, only it looks horrible in the scan (it's doesn't stand out THAT much O_O;;). Erebos Plate
Cityscape Plate
Background Plate
If you can see the diet coke can reflection in the cityscape plate, you’re looking to hard XD

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