Yup yup, after two years the pic of the anthro whoring out music has been replaced with Lothar’s ouroboros tattoo surrounding the OAS logo. I use a similar version of it for my DeviantArt ID and if the info wasn’t outdated it’d put it up for my y!gallery ID too.

I shaded it in Photoshop 7 so it’s kinda on the crappy side. I’ll post the textless version here when it annoys me enough and I touch it up in Photoshop 5. (I split it up into two images for loading purposes. Not so it’s a pain in the ass to save >___<) Over the weekend I did an overhaul on the character profiles and Akheron Glossary. Over the next few days I'll be adding black borders around images over the site. Whoever programmed CSS so it could be inserted into image tags even when they're wrapped in a link is a genius. No nasty blue link borders here.