And in an effort not to double post in people’s f-lists, I completely forget to cross post.

Gluttony’s going to need another 2-3 weeks but the rest are done ^__^ I had to rush the clothing to get it in on time so I’m redoing everything but Kryito’s head and the background (which is quite sexy but isn’t in the screenshot). If I find the inspiration, I’ll finish up the series with Erebos (wrath) and Scryren (sloth), but right now, I need a break.

I’m also trying out DA’s print service since it’s free now. I think paying $50 for an 18×24 matte print is a bit ridiculous, but I’ve been spoiled by the large format Epson in the lab so maybe that’s normal. It’s a shame the ink would crack if I rolled up the Epson prints for mailing because I’d sell them that way and bypass the whole DA thing.

Anyway, except for Running at Snail Speed and Dual Wielding (they’re old), they’re all at 300 DPI so quality won’t be a problem. I could opt for 30×40 but I’m assuming DA would drop the DPI to 150 to print it that large. I personally never print below 200 and when it’s that huge, I’d be concerned about pixelation. Who knows, maybe it wouldn’t be a problem but when DA’s charging $80 for it, I don’t want people being disappointed by the quality. That’s not cool.