The pen tool is such an amazing thing. It makes drawing hair unbelievely less frustrating. *pets her new toy* I don’t know what’s with tablets not drawing smooth long lines but this just bypassed that problem.

This is the middle two panels of a comic page I started over three years ago, and the only thing that was ever drawn so no, there’s not more to it T___T. It’s the same fight that’s going on in [ Lothar in the Wasteland ] and how Lothar loses his coat…by throwing it in Sevino’s face so he can get a shot off on him while he’s doing one of those amazing fifty feet in the air anime jumps up onto the building behind him.

I learned how to use the pen tool [ here ]. Very simple. It didn’t take very long to get used to. You can see the difference in the curved tips of Sevino’s hair versus his shirt/jacket, which I did last. That’s pure pen tool. The eyes, nose and mouth are still hand drawn. I won’t let it do all the work.

Have I drawn anything new? No, not yet, but the pen tool boosted my morale and I don’t have any drawing classes this year >3 It looks promising.