I’ve been trying to figure out what size/ratio to make my drawings at so I can print them larger than normal. Not movie poster size, but fairly large. I wanted to be able to meet DA’s print standards since they’re the only standards I know of, use it as a widescreen wallpaper and print at tabloid size (so I can print them myself at Kinkos at 11×17). That’s not asking much *rolls eyes*

16 x 24 inch print
20 x 30 inch print.

Both are “widescreen” because I foresee myself printing these off on 11 x 17 more than I do getting a DA subscription again and opening up a prints account. *eye twitch* But they’re also hell to find frames you can put them in without matting, same with 11 x 17. 16×20 and 20×24 are both the normal frame sizes. T__T

Anyhoot, I love huge posters, so I naturally went for the largest I could with 1.50 aspect ratio (20 x 30), but Lothar’s as big as he gets on that one–he’s at the size I drew him at** (he’s been shrunk for the smaller one) …and that’s a LOT of negative space and it makes his face too small. I like seeing my character’s eyes clearly. As much as I like large posters, I want my neg space to feel right and I want eye detail.

**And that’s why it’s nice to know how big you need the canvas at before you start outlining X___X

That brings me to the next largest 1.50, 16 x 24, which is still a large print. I had to shrink Lothar by 88% to get the negative space the way I wanted it. Lothar’s face is still clear enough and I have enough neg space left that I can go fairly deep into the background. Might go a little smaller though. We’ll see after I get the chair in.