Lothar fiddling with the neural jack cord

Last night I got the urge to draw some of the tech Lothar uses. They keyboard on the laptop is a touch screen (so there’s no actual keys to get food stuck in XD) and the screen is glass like in Minority Report…which I think is totally unusable but hey, it looks cool…much like navigating the net in 3D, completely inefficient but it looks sweet. He’s also going to have wireless earplugs and sitting in some comfy chair with a large picture window behind him.

This is what it’ll look like in the end. I ran out of paper. That’s also how I avoid tearing the shit out of my sketch book–do all the really rough stuff in Photoshop then draw it out XD

I’m trying to draw larger (and with a slight “leaning over” camera angle) and it’s throwing my proportions off X___X